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AA: Tian by Kibahshi
AA: Tian
:iconsparklesplz::iconascendant-astraea::iconascendant-astraea::iconascendant-astraea: :iconsparklesplz:


♦Name: Tian {???} ♦Pseudonyms: n/A
♦Gender: Genderfluid, but often uses male or neutral pronouns
♦Age: 20-25 ♦Birthday: unknown
♦Height: 5’5"-5'6”ft  ♦Weight: 153.0Lbs

♦Occupation: Unknown; has some sort of income so possibly does odd jobs?
♦Residence: Astraea

♦Species: Toxicroak  ♦Type: :iconpoisontypeplz::iconfightingtypeplz: ♦Ability: Poison Touch
♦Moveset: ●Poison Jab ●Drain Punch ●Dark Pulse ●Stone Edge


♦Nature: Impish  ♦Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning


◌Confident ◌Playful ◌Sociable ◌Composed ◌Capable ◌ Open-Minded ◌Perceptive ◌Fearless ◌Helpful
●Calculating ●Blunt ●Vague ●Detached ●Scrappy ●Hard to read ●Introspective ●Fearless
    Tian is a confident individual who mingles with crowds and socializes with all sorts of people without fear or hesitation, preferring to find things out for themselves rather than go off of first impressions or prejudice. Because of this, their social circle tends to carry those from all sorts and walks of life from rich to poor, from young to old and individuals of all different kinds of qualities and personalities. Tian doesn't need people around them, however, and can often be found walking around alone quite contentedly, and has little need for external validation of what or what they aren't doing or are focused on at the time.

    ...but anyone who knows Tian well- or well enough to be considered an acquaintance- knows that, while willing to lend an ear and learn things about different people, Tian speaks very little of themselves, often dodging the subject or waving it off in favor of something else or another topic, and isn't a very open individual personally even if they are externally. Tian is a keeper of secrets and the speaker of few and- often times- in times of silence it's hard to tell what they're thinking or feeling, putting on a confident air. To put it simply, Tian is as much a loner as they are a socialite, and very little is known about them personally beyond the obvious and they often won't correct those who make minor mistakes (such as presumptions towards their gender identity or sexuality, or even misinterpretations) and often won't point out mistakes others make. As much as this is consideration, it's questionable whether or not they're storing information for later, making it hard to tell whether they're friend, or a completely neutral presence entirely, something that can be also put into debate considering Tian's fearlessness that can border on the edge of them having a complete lack of self-preservation from time to time. 


            Tian is a mystery through and through, and very little is known about their life previous. It's unknown if they have any family within Astraea, or any living relatives beyond its borders. The only thing of concrete knowledge is that they live alone and presumably has for the past couple of years. Despite having no sign of external financial aid, Tian lives a healthy, socialized lifestyle despite the secrets that surround them currently and in the past.

♦Orientation: Demiromantic/Pansexual
♦Relationship Status: Single



  • They live in a loft somewhere in Astraea. Where? Who knows
  • It's unknown whether they don't open up to people because they feel it's unsafe, or because of personal preference
  • They're known to be a brawler, and a talented one, and often try to be prepared for any circumstance; somewhere their calculating qualities come in handy
  • They're very flexible and know how to do parkour
  • They apparently have quite a few clothes and quite a diverse wardrobe, and are known to take full advantage of their open gender-fluidity in regards to this 
  • They have gauges in their ears, and simple tattoos all over their body but lack piercings anywhere but in their ears


♦Method: Skype, Lit, dA Chats ♦Secondary method: Open for notes, but better with primary options
♦Starter?: I can start, but unless I've rp'd with someone before I prefer to have other people start it :>
♦Boundaries: It depends!!! It's something that would have to be discussed. Despite that, I'm pretty open to a lot of stuff!
♦Language: English


Tian (c) :iconkibahshi: (me!)
CE: Vladimir by Kibahshi
CE: Vladimir
This art is old as sin and i hate it but it needs to be up for now and the update is coming soon PLEASE DO NOT FAVORITE THIS ONE AND PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THE UPDATE

New art coming soon



Name: Vladimir Vayne
Species: Living "Doll"(though he seems to border along the lines of an artificial human)
Gender: Male
Age: 68
D.O.B: August 8th (Leo)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: ???

Occupation: Substitute/Aide (meaning he basically does everything none of these other crazies want to do)

+????? (seems to like plants books and animals)
+Cooking/Cleaning (or he seems to at least)
+Aja (the baby)
+Cyrus (kind of)
+His sprites/golems/magic


+Superstrength/Super Endurance
+Boosted Healing Factor
+Invulnerability/Unable to feel pain
+Essentially immortal (at least his soul is, and his body responds to that. If you somehow find a way to destroy his soul it's unknown whether or not his body will survive and unknown if the soul will be truly destroyed rather than start from a fresh slate)
+Household tasks
+Using magic (he has alot at his disposal when he can figure out how to use it BI)
+Being bossed around

-Magic (any time he can't figure out how to use it)
-People he cares about
-Expressing emotions (he's getting better though!!!)
-Intense amounts of bloodloss
-Dismemberment (without destruction of the limb, as the wound will only close over rather than the limb or part growing anew)
-Talking about his Master

Personality: laughswhatpersonality??
+Good at listening
+(Relatively) strong morals
+Loving/Caring (even if he thinks he's incapable of it)
+Forgiving (read: incapable of holding grudges)

+/- Protective (of basically anyone, but especially those he cares about, to the point where he'll take extreme damage to his body)
+/- Quiet (to the point where he won't stand up for himself)
+/- Passive

-Seems unable to stand up for himself, which makes other people have to do it for him or else it probably won't happen
-Without pride but also without shame (he sees no problem with his body and thus is willing to walk around shirtless. He does have a clear understanding of indecency though)

Backstory: A living doll created by a master so skilled that the state of his body is comparable to that of a artificial human rather than a construct... But due to the abusive nature of his master, and the frequent wiping of his wants and emotions to keep him 'loyal', Vladimir hardly sees himself on the same level, instead seeing himself as something to serve rather than to live. After his master's death, Vladimir spent time at the Clover inn and- after meeting various people and various events that sparked some of what seemed to be 'suppressed' memories, he came to the realization that his master had given him his line's magic (often passed onto the 'head' of the household by various members of it prior to deaths) Because of the death of his master's wife and son ten years prior to Vladimir's creation, his master was too proud to let his magic die despite his abusiveness towards Vlad. The magic manifested in the forms of sprite-like golems who adored Vlad, but it came with some negative side-effects

The malevolent soul of his master's son, Cyrus, had latched onto Vlad, due to the violent nature of his death and the fact that Vlad's master had made Vlad in Cyrus's (modified; taller, and bulkier, with different coloring) image, causing Vlad to be followed by this malevolent and admittedly possessive force from the time of Cyrus's reawakening to even after Vlad's escape from the Clover inn. The two are on better terms now, especially after the adoption of Aja, an orphaned werebear who they adopted as their own daughter. Now, however, the previously abusive nature of Cyrus, towards Vlad similar to his father's, has now become far more possessive and if not protective. It's questionable why this is.

Due to the near-indestructible nature of Vlad's body, and the multiple talents he possesses he was offered a spot at the Estate as a substitute of sorts, for whenever a teacher or member of the staff became injured, but otherwise remains as a sort of aide to those who needs him. Lord help him. He is suspiscious of the Estate, and worries for the students, but also finds himself questioning the gaps in his memory when his master supposedly only wiped his emotions, and finds himself wondering if what he remembers prior to the Clover inn even happened at all...

Extra Facts:
-He used to be only able to see Cyrus in dreams, instead only hearing his voice when awake, but now can see the manifestation of his ghost (or poltergeist)
-He is the only one who can see or hear Cyrus unless he possesses Vlad's body to manifest and interact
-Aja- due to being an toddler as well as a were-creature that possesses animal senses- can also see Cyrus and interact with him; this delights him intensely.
-Vlad has the odd habit of offering his shirt to people if he thinks needs it. Because of this Yumi has alot of his shirts simply because she likes them and asked for them. Like. ALOT of them (also probably because the view isn't that bad either)
-Met Yumi, Yusa, Nell, Kaninen and Illya at the Clover inn! He tends to dote on them, save for Nell, and will often do whatever Illya asks of him
-His golems/sprites manifest from time to time without his realizing, but he's grown accustomed to it as they're often more help than harm (and very protective of him) They're all elemental and possess strong magics befitting that element... most of the time they just ride around in Vlad's pocket or on his shoulder.

Vladimir Vayne, Aja, and Cyrus Vayne (c) me! :iconkibahshi:
Art in the relation to the group :iconcrepuscule-estate:
All mentioned characters other than those who belong to me belong to their creators!!!
CE: Eras by Kibahshi
CE: Eras


Name: Eras
Species: Siren
Gender: Male (but often doesn't care much about pronouns)
Age: 192
D.O.B July 12th (Cancer)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 133lbs

Occupation: Human Biology

+Red meat
+Music/Singing (often resulting in constant humming)
+Polite and respectful people
+Humans (Maybe a little too much)
+His family
+Calm, collected atmospheres (so he says)
+Clothes and fashion
+Women (in general; not necessarily in a romantic sense)

-Rude people and liars
-Chaotic atmospheres (SO HE SAYS)
-Dry foods
-Troublemakers and people who don't obey listen to him
-People who disrespect women

+Charming and understanding
+Enhanced physical strength, speed, and endurance; especially speed
+Reacts and recovers quickly, making him hard to startle and hard to injure to the point of immobility, and hard for him to succumb to bloodlust when combined with his calm demeanor
+Thick skin (literally and figuratively)
+Skilled with elemental magic, particularly wind and water

-Problems relating with people outside of situations most would consider 'normal' (ex; not understanding why someone's unsettled by intense amounts of blood or gore)
-Being silenced or having his voice muted in some way (combined with being immobilized renders him near-useless when in human form)
-Immobilization (doesn't have as much of an effect if he isn't silenced)
-People knowing of his abilities, as they often try and find ways around them (so he doesn't tell people)
-Needs to consume blood and/or red meat or else is prone to bloodlust (he can only buffer it with normal food for so long)

:bulletblack:Racial Abilities:
-Siren song and hypnotism; Eras has a powerful siren's song that can take the form in an actual song or in the form of a hypnotic edge to his voice that can put someone under his control until the song is interrupted. When combined with hypnotism it is harder to break due to limits and 'conditions' (such as hearing an alarm, or someone snapping their fingers) he can put onto his hypnotism. This does not necessarily apply to his song. When someone is under his song/hypnotism, they may carry out their day as they would any other time even if they may not remember what had happened or what they had done. Another sort is someone being aware of what they are doing, but without the means to stop it. The siren song and his hypnotism only affects those Eras wishes it to. He does this rarely, often using it as a form of spying (having his controlled individual relay him information) or a way of humiliating those who have attempted to humiliate him or who have been especially rude so don't do it 

-Glamours and Illusion: Really another aspect of his siren's song and his hypnotism, Eras can appear to be someone else to the eyes of others even if his body realistically isn't changing. Should someone be aware of this and touch him, however, the weaker the glamour is the more likely it is to fall for that individual. His song can also change how people perceive other things and people so- rather than being true illusion- it is more the manipulation of perception through manipulation of the mind.

-Supersonic voice; Eras can raise the pitch of his voice to mind-numbing/glass shattering levels to the point that it can break down barriers or bust eardrums. To allies it either cannot be heard or it can simply be heard as a continuous, human-sounding wail or screech, and like the siren's song it only affects those he wants it to

-Monstrous form; Eras has the ability to take on a monstrous form usually only seen by those who have uncovered his true identity as a siren, and those who have found some way to break free of his siren song and/or hypnotism or those who can avoid it entirely and is often used as a last resort. In a way, this can be seen as Eras' 'true' form, as he more often than not retains control unless having previously been worked into a rage or suffering from intense bloodlust that often is due to hunger. He's not fond of taking on the form without good reason due to the belief that it makes him 'ugly' and that it can be taxing on his body (this might just be him being lazy and overdramatic, due to suffering neither even when he HAS good reason.)

+Often forgiving
+Understanding (but not outside of normal circumstance, as previously mentioned)
+Generous (with knowledge)

+/-Protective (can border on possessiveness)
+/-Proud (very self-confident, but it can border on vanity at times with the amount of pride he has in his appearance)

-Manipulative (often masked with good-natured kindness, or quiet expectation)
-Holds grudges
-Curious (often not caring about trouble or personal boundaries)
-Sadistic (rarely, but he does use his powers to humiliate people after all)
-Prone to being extremely two-faced

Background: Among numerous sisters both older and younger, Eras was one of the few children born to his clan to have been born male (a situation uncommon, due to the nature of the female genes from sirens often overpowering the male genes of human men) to his all but siren queen mother. To put it simply, Eras was a prince among his people... but rather than strictly coveting him and keeping him safe- something Eras himself would have never tolerated- Eras' mother- throughout his life- trained him in the various arts his kind used to seduce those of other races (although humans were the norm as to prevent cultural conflict and even possibly war) as well as the powers gifted naturally to him- including that of shifting in and out of his monstrous state which shows itself now with the amount of ease to which he can manage the task. Alongside his mother, many other women in his clan taught him their tricks and tools of their trade to help him thrive without suspicion. Maintaining the mystery of his race was no difficult task, with Eras having to 'dispose' of very few who- without his wishing of them- grew wise to what he was... However, after more and more time observing humans (and manipulating and devouring them) Eras grew interested in their culture and ways of life that were so different to his own and began wanting to know the (literal and figurative) insides and outs of the human race. For many years he studied humans and when offered to teach at the Estate- with a strong, new-found wish to share the knowledge he possessed with others- accepted in a heartbeat.

-He doesn't much care about pronouns, even if he often uses masculine ones to address himself
-He is naturally feminine in his features, and thus doesn't put much work into maintaining that appearance even though he is very oriented in looking "presentable"
-Aside from needing blood and red-meat to keep himself from succumbing to the natural bloodlust his kind possesses, he actually enjoys the taste of it and- if possible- will indulge in consuming raw, bloody meat rather than that of cooked
-His teeth look normal, at a glance, but if one looks closely they are somewhat serrated and pointed. How he manages to not cut himself on them is a mystery, although they are more visibly so when he is enraged
-Because of both of these traits- while graceful and often ending fights and confrontations as quickly as possible- he can be an extraordinarily brutal and bloody fighter; even more when in his monstrous form
-He is the fourth oldest in his 'line', with three older sisters and nine younger, as well as a younger brother. 
-Despite being of kind nature and almost seeming naive from time to time, that naivety is fake; Eras can be a very dangerous individual if he wishes it and is- understandably- skilled with manipulating and humiliating others without their knowing. Regardless, much of the kindness he shows is real unless you enrage him and he very rarely manipulates individuals other than humans without good reason

Eras (c) me! :iconkibahshi:
Art in relation to the group :iconcrepuscule-estate:


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Hello my sweet honeybees~! Sorry for the absence of journal posts but, unfortunately, I can never think of something to put in them!;; Until now, at least.

I am currently trying to get one of the groups I'm modding, :iconcrepuscule-estate:, to super group status so our dear group can start posting its own polls and have pretty journals with pretty backgrounds and all that other fun stuff~~ I would really appreciate any donations~!

And to help with this, I'm also starting adoptables, such as these Assorted Point Adoptables (CLOSED/SOLD) by Kibahshi, which I posted quite recently! I would also greatly appreciate any attention on those little darlings and I'll likely be having more up quite soon, so any ideas for themed sets would also be lovely~!

Unfortunately, that's all for now and I'll post any updates in our quest for super group status whenever they come up uvu

In the meantime, check out these lovely people who I have the honor of modding the group with~ They're all massive sweethearts with gorgeous art~



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Hi I'm Kibahshi and I'm prone to random fits of being UNABLE TO DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING;;;

I DO: Do requests sometimes, as long as I'm not busy with something school related
I DO: Do art trades, but only sometimes if I'm asked
I DO NOT: Do commisions, but I might start doing them at some point
I DO NOT: Do collaborations as I am uncomfortable doing them, but I might start doing them at some point


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