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DAMMED: Magnus Beauregard by Kibahshi
DAMMED: Magnus Beauregard


Name: Magnus Beauregard

Sex: Male
Gender: Genderfluid (he/him/his and sometimes they/them/their)
Age: 19
D.O.B. August 27th, 2096

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 130 lb

Rank: Rookie Private
Partner: TBA
Element: TBA

+Open minded/Sociable
+Strong willed
+Attentive/Good at reading atmospheres
+Confident to a fault

-Tends to hold a grudge (although its hard for one to be made in the first place)
-Could be considered obnoxious
-Bad with accepting concern directed at himself
-Proactive (to the point where it could be dangerous)


-Parkour/Gymnastic feats: Magnus has been performing parkour from a young age and- while he was never formally taught- can perform gymnastic feats alongside his parkour. Because of this, Magnus is very agile and flexible, and is very effectively unafraid of heights and has his skill in jumping and climbing nearly unparalleled by most.

-Street fighting/Brawling: Again, despite not being formally trained, Magnus is a capable fighter, especially paired with his agility and quick-thinking. His small size gives him an advantage while his musculature lends to his ability. He can turn most things into a weapon and knows how to use (simple) firearms.

-General "Housekeeping": Due to perceived necessity, as well as being forced to take Home Economics in junior high, Magnus is a capable cook and knows how to sew. After some time, cooking ended up being somewhat of an outlet for him aside from drawing and graffitti and thus groomed itself into some of a passion for him and lends well to his tendency to care for and nurture others. He's also very tidy, although that may be more due to his past than a passion.

-Botany: From spending time with his grandmother, who was a florist, he can tell most plants from others, particularly flowers. He also knows flower language from his grandmother as well.

-High Pain Tolerance: Magnus has an absurdly high pain tolerance, or at least has a perceived high tolerance to pain. It's rather hard to tell.

-High Stamina

Magnus was the youngest of a family of five, growing up in a bustling city in the US, protected from the demon conflict aside from the rare demon who managed to cross into the border between the city and the outside world. Despite this, and despite how little Magnus speaks of his past, for Magnus it was anything but peaceful.

Aside from his grandmother and grandfather, Magnus could've hardly been considered close to his family- with his parents distant from him- and worked as long and hard as he could outside of school in an attempt to get away from them and his older, twin brothers, to the point that when he wasn't able to stay with his grandparents, he was often roaming the streets climbing and finding a place to spend the night and training his body and his mind in case he wasn't able to get away fast enough. Many of Magnus's belongings at the time, along with all of his money, was kept in the backpack he carried with him and after the death of his grandparents when he was seventeen, this became the norm for him whenever he was away from 'home'. Because of this, Magnus grew up into someone who values his possessions and enjoys having them, but isn't materialistic in the slightest, knowing all too well how easy it was for another to take his things away. 

After some time, between working and roaming and spending rare nights at home, he heard of DAMMED and- upon hearing of the details; money, food, a place to stay, power, and so on- decided that of all places for him to go, that was where he wanted to be. It would get him away from his family, and offered him an opportunity to build lasting bonds with other people without being forced to break them. For Magnus, it would allow him to live for once in his life and- even if it wasn't necessarily happily- it still gave him more than his current state of living and more than his family ever had. Using the money he'd saved up over the years, between that in his physical possession and that tucked away safely in his bank account, Magnus purchased a ticket to bring himself to facility, bringing what little there was in his material possession and any remaining cash he had after the purchase.

Reason for joining DAMMED:
Most of all, Magnus joined DAMMED so he could live for once in his dull, if not monotonous life, as well as for the power and companionship the demon bonding would offer him and- even if he didn't get along well with his partner- the opportunity to meet others and build friendships. He also joined to get away from his family, who he left without mention or regrets.

-Magnus is of mixed descent, being half Egyptian and one quarter French and one quarter American; because of this, he can read and write in English and French fluently, and can speak fluent Arabic even if he struggles to write it due to him not growing up with the culture, and instead learning what he could from his grandparents before their death.

-Magnus is not religious, but is open-minded and finds other religions interesting to hear about. Religion just isn't for him.

-He has multiple beauty marks all over his body aside from the four on his face, as well as multiple scars from years of parkour and brawling, as well as bullying when he was growing up.

-It's very hard for Magnus to lose trust in someone, and especially for him to hate them. In his eyes, he hasn't met anyone worthy of his hatred and would rather make the effort to make things right between them, or at least manageable.

-In the same breath, it's very hard to wear Magnus down emotionally, much less mentally or emotionally attack him. After everything he's gone through, he's become a strong individual who thankfully is more interested in helping others than hurting them.

-He's ambidextrous, but favors his right hand

-Throughout his childhood up until his mid-teens, he was very quiet and reserved in hope that it would make his parents proud of him and have them pay attention to him. After realizing that it was a futile effort, Magnus discarded such things and became who he wanted to be

-He has no preferred style of dress, but embraces his gender fluidity and pansexuality regardless of how he warred with it in his youth. When out of uniform, its as likely to see him in masculine clothing as it is feminine

-Although looks may be deceiving, Magnus is very muscular and has become efficient in in masking this when he feels like it. It infringes in no way upon his dressing habits

-He never lets his hair return to its original color. Never.

-Tends to sleep after others have gone to bed, and wakes up before others as well


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Hello my sweet honeybees~! Sorry for the absence of journal posts but, unfortunately, I can never think of something to put in them!;; Until now, at least.

I am currently trying to get one of the groups I'm modding, :iconcrepuscule-estate:, to super group status so our dear group can start posting its own polls and have pretty journals with pretty backgrounds and all that other fun stuff~~ I would really appreciate any donations~!

And to help with this, I'm also starting adoptables, such as these Assorted Point Adoptables (CLOSED/SOLD) by Kibahshi, which I posted quite recently! I would also greatly appreciate any attention on those little darlings and I'll likely be having more up quite soon, so any ideas for themed sets would also be lovely~!

Unfortunately, that's all for now and I'll post any updates in our quest for super group status whenever they come up uvu

In the meantime, check out these lovely people who I have the honor of modding the group with~ They're all massive sweethearts with gorgeous art~



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Hi I'm Kibahshi and I'm prone to random fits of being UNABLE TO DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING;;;

I DO: Do requests sometimes, as long as I'm not busy with something school related
I DO: Do art trades, but only sometimes if I'm asked
I DO NOT: Do commisions, but I might start doing them at some point
I DO NOT: Do collaborations as I am uncomfortable doing them, but I might start doing them at some point


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