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AA: Tian by Kibahshi
AA: Tian
:iconsparklesplz::iconascendant-astraea::iconascendant-astraea::iconascendant-astraea: :iconsparklesplz:


♦Name: Tian {???} ♦Pseudonyms: n/A
♦Gender: Genderfluid, but often uses male or neutral pronouns
♦Age: 20-25 ♦Birthday: unknown
♦Height: 5’5"-5'6”ft  ♦Weight: 153.0Lbs

♦Occupation: Unknown; has some sort of income so possibly does odd jobs?
♦Residence: Astraea

♦Species: Toxicroak  ♦Type: :iconpoisontypeplz::iconfightingtypeplz: ♦Ability: Poison Touch
♦Moveset: ●Poison Jab ●Drain Punch ●Dark Pulse ●Stone Edge


♦Nature: Impish  ♦Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning


◌Confident ◌Playful ◌Sociable ◌Composed ◌Capable ◌ Open-Minded ◌Perceptive ◌Fearless ◌Helpful
●Calculating ●Blunt ●Vague ●Detached ●Scrappy ●Hard to read ●Introspective ●Fearless
    Tian is a confident individual who mingles with crowds and socializes with all sorts of people without fear or hesitation, preferring to find things out for themselves rather than go off of first impressions or prejudice. Because of this, their social circle tends to carry those from all sorts and walks of life from rich to poor, from young to old and individuals of all different kinds of qualities and personalities. Tian doesn't need people around them, however, and can often be found walking around alone quite contentedly, and has little need for external validation of what or what they aren't doing or are focused on at the time.

    ...but anyone who knows Tian well- or well enough to be considered an acquaintance- knows that, while willing to lend an ear and learn things about different people, Tian speaks very little of themselves, often dodging the subject or waving it off in favor of something else or another topic, and isn't a very open individual personally even if they are externally. Tian is a keeper of secrets and the speaker of few and- often times- in times of silence it's hard to tell what they're thinking or feeling, putting on a confident air. To put it simply, Tian is as much a loner as they are a socialite, and very little is known about them personally beyond the obvious and they often won't correct those who make minor mistakes (such as presumptions towards their gender identity or sexuality, or even misinterpretations) and often won't point out mistakes others make. As much as this is consideration, it's questionable whether or not they're storing information for later, making it hard to tell whether they're friend, or a completely neutral presence entirely, something that can be also put into debate considering Tian's fearlessness that can border on the edge of them having a complete lack of self-preservation from time to time. 


            Tian is a mystery through and through, and very little is known about their life previous. It's unknown if they have any family within Astraea, or any living relatives beyond its borders. The only thing of concrete knowledge is that they live alone and presumably has for the past couple of years. Despite having no sign of external financial aid, Tian lives a healthy, socialized lifestyle despite the secrets that surround them currently and in the past.

♦Orientation: Demiromantic/Pansexual
♦Relationship Status: Single



  • They live in a loft somewhere in Astraea. Where? Who knows
  • It's unknown whether they don't open up to people because they feel it's unsafe, or because of personal preference
  • They're known to be a brawler, and a talented one, and often try to be prepared for any circumstance; somewhere their calculating qualities come in handy
  • They're very flexible and know how to do parkour
  • They apparently have quite a few clothes and quite a diverse wardrobe, and are known to take full advantage of their open gender-fluidity in regards to this 
  • They have gauges in their ears, and simple tattoos all over their body but lack piercings anywhere but in their ears


♦Method: Skype, Lit, dA Chats ♦Secondary method: Open for notes, but better with primary options
♦Starter?: I can start, but unless I've rp'd with someone before I prefer to have other people start it :>
♦Boundaries: It depends!!! It's something that would have to be discussed. Despite that, I'm pretty open to a lot of stuff!
♦Language: English


Tian (c) :iconkibahshi: (me!)


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Hello my sweet honeybees~! Sorry for the absence of journal posts but, unfortunately, I can never think of something to put in them!;; Until now, at least.

I am currently trying to get one of the groups I'm modding, :iconcrepuscule-estate:, to super group status so our dear group can start posting its own polls and have pretty journals with pretty backgrounds and all that other fun stuff~~ I would really appreciate any donations~!

And to help with this, I'm also starting adoptables, such as these Assorted Point Adoptables (CLOSED/SOLD) by Kibahshi, which I posted quite recently! I would also greatly appreciate any attention on those little darlings and I'll likely be having more up quite soon, so any ideas for themed sets would also be lovely~!

Unfortunately, that's all for now and I'll post any updates in our quest for super group status whenever they come up uvu

In the meantime, check out these lovely people who I have the honor of modding the group with~ They're all massive sweethearts with gorgeous art~



Digital and Traditional Artist
Hi I'm Kibahshi and I'm prone to random fits of being UNABLE TO DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING;;;

I DO: Do requests sometimes, as long as I'm not busy with something school related
I DO: Do art trades, but only sometimes if I'm asked
I DO NOT: Do commisions, but I might start doing them at some point
I DO NOT: Do collaborations as I am uncomfortable doing them, but I might start doing them at some point


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Timothy-Henri Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the watch Friend <3 :iconspazhugplz;
Have a nice day and God Bless U there!
Stoffkamel Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hey hey, just wantet to let you know, that I made a charactersheet of the black adopted guy (I called him "Rhyus")…
I'll make an other one for the green dude (called him "Tell") c:
Kibahshi Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013

I'm so happy you're still enjoying him~!!!! It makes me so happy to see people enjoying my designssss goshhh <333 

He looks amazing!!!! And that's a really great job combination you have for him! I wish I could make such an awesome reference sheet for any of my characters QUQ (aswellassuchgreatnameslikesweetjeebus <333)

I'm looking forward to seeing Tell's sheet so much now!! This really brightened my day, thank you~! :iconrubcheeksplz:
Stoffkamel Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Yaaah, man, I'm soooo in love with the designs ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Haw, I'm so glad you think so D':
Aaaaw, come on, don't say something like this >///////<

Well, I try to make it as soon as possible c:

Haha, and your comment brightened MY day 

Oh, I'm also thinking of making a Comic about those two.. let's see, if that will work :D
Kibahshi Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
fdkjbfdkvbfjdvbjkfdjvbvkjdbv I'm always so glad to hear that and I never get tired of hearing that! It just makes my day so much!!! :iconpapmingplz:

And kvjfbdvkjbdfjkvk I'll say something like this if I feel like it I'm being honest here, bb >:U <3

Mutual day-brightening aw yisss :iconsupertighthugplz:

And oh gosh!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! If you do please link me!!! (not that I'm expecting you not to, if you did make one! :iconrubcheeksplz:)
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processormalfunction Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconblinkthanksplz: for the watch
Kibahshi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
You're very welcome dear~!
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Hey hey :'D
I drew the dude I bought first >.< [link]
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